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Sigma Slot Machine Manufacturer

Simply starting up a company and hoping that you will be an instant hit is simply a dream, it can take years for you to tick the right boxes in terms of game design, cabinet design and playability plus getting your slot machines approved by the many different gaming commissions that oversee such gambling devices can also take a great length of time.

The aforementioned facts mean companies like Sigma have had a bit of a bumpy ride over the years, they were originally based and founded in Japan but soon it became apparent that they would have to move their operation to the USA if they were to further develop their company to such a size that they could be both economically sound.

So this is what they did, and even though all that glittered wasn't gold they slowly built up the know how to enable them to start producing a range of slot machines that got the green light by the necessary governing bodies and this allowed them to start producing a range of slot machines on mass to an overcrowded market place.

Sigma The Early Days

Giving both players and slot machine operators something new and never seen before will often make the difference between a successful slot game manufacturer and an unsuccessful one and Sigma did manage to design and manufacture something never seen before and this was the sit down slot machine!

Amazing though it may seem nowadays when sitting down at a slot machine seems second nature, but back in the 1990's this was a major breakthrough as it allowed players to be more comfortable whilst casinos loved this type of slot machine as players would tend to spend more simply due to them being settled at a machine!

Sigma even won an award by the Governor of Nevada for this simply yet effective method of designing slot machines that could be played easily in a sitting down position, and this simple design enabled them to get a foot hold in the slot machine industry.

Sigma Slots

The Game of Life - This slot had the slogan the time of your life, and it was a simple five reel video slot machine.

Amigo Road - This slot has a Mexican theme and offered plenty of hot chilli type spins!

Fortunes For All - A mystical slot game featuring a crystal ball that may award you a jackpot if you look deep enough into it!

Throw the Dough - If you like pizza especially Italian Pizza then this is the slot machine for you as that is what is has plenty of!

Big Top Circus - Another five reel classic video slot game and this one will send you into the Big Top to take part in all manner of Circus related fun and games.

Where's Henry - A fun little 5 reel video slot where you have to go hunting for Henry, will you find him?

Yahtzee - A slot built around the hugely popular dice game, it had 5 reels and plenty of player appeal.

Full of Sheep - Well the name of this slot machine gives you a clue of what it is about and themed around, and this is a load of barking mad sheep!

Ripley's Believe It or Not - This slot is as the name suggests built around the television show, the bonus game will have you answering several weird and wonderful questions!

Battleship - This game is built around the classic parlor game of the same name, take aim and fire and lets hope you sink a few ships

Times of Your Life - This was a state of the art slot game when it was released and offered players plenty of fun and games and a high payout.

For Peanuts - Loosely themed around a Circus theme the star of the slot was an elephant and a mouse!

Garfield - That lovable comical Cat got brought back to life on this themed video slot game.

Easy Riches - Fun and games could be had on this slot game which also came with a live progressive jackpot.

Lava - Another video slot game offering a live progressive jackpot from Sigma

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