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WMS Gaming Slot Machine Manufacturer

It is always interesting to hear how gambling companies were formed, and WMS gaming was the brainchild of Harry Williams who was a student of Standford University and he has a bit of a mechanical mind even in his youth, as he was the man who invented the tilt mechanism that is used on pinball machines! This device hasn't changed in all those years and can still be found in world wide pinball machines, so it was definitely a good invention!

Maybe it was his mechanical mind that made him start up WMS Gaming back in 1943, the early days were hard work for Williams but it was his determination and ultimately his perseverance that ensured his company continued trading through the difficult years that followed the end of the war.

Since his modest start his company has gone from strength to strength and they are now one of the leaders in the field and have a huge portfolio of casino slot machines that give operators confidence and players love to play, this for a slot manufacturer is music to their ears and WMS Gaming are true force to be reckoned with and play second fiddle to nobody!

Thanks to the forward thinking nature of WMS Gaming they are always leading the way in terms of new industry standard and innovations, including the community based slot games that no longer make playing slot machines a boring and isolated pastime.

It is also the team behind the scenes who make WMS Gaming the company they are today and this team always strive to be the best by pushing the boundaries of slot machine development to the point where once they launch a new machines the opposition are eager to find out how they work and operate so they can keep up with the technology used in them!

WMS Gaming Sensory Immersion Gaming

Imagine losing yourself and becoming totally emerged in the slot game you are playing, well this is now a reality thanks to the brand new range of Sensory Immersion slot machine WMS Gaming have brought out, these slots will immerse your senses in sounds, images and as you sit "inside" the slot you become part of the game, these slots have to be played to be believed and they are the new way to play slots and bring them to life!

The Wizard of OzRuby Slippers - This game features the Ruby Slippers Wild Reel Featurein which the Ruby Slippers will instantly click together and award Wild Reels and as an added bonus you may even be awarded a multiplier. It also has a fun to play Find the Broom Bonus Game, here you need to work your way to the Witches hideout and bag yourself her hidden treasure, but will you make the journey in one piece?

This slot also has the industry standard free spins game and this one is aptly titles the Emerald City Free Spin Bonus Round, but this one allows you to be awarded bonus free spin features like Extra Spins, Wild Symbols, Multipliers and a Wild Reel

The Time Machine is yet another of the mind blowing Sensory Immersion slots from WMS Gaming and this one has a whole host of exciting features to keep you entertained, amused and if you are riding a winning streak, in profit!

The first thing you will discover is the Wild Reels Feature as you play your base game then totally at random any of the 1 to 5 reels could transform into a wild reel. Then there is the Past Bonus, here you have to pick a path to wander along and as you make your way along this winging path you could pick yourself up cash prizes, that is of course if you manage to avoid the dinosaurs that are there to attack you!

The Present Bonus, here you need to choose a lever to pull and watch as they rotate the dials and who knows what could happen next, but it will probably be a cash prize, if you are lucky!

The Time Machine slot will also blast you into the Future by its Future Bonus game here you will be given five free spins as these free spins play out all wins are paid as normal but the Wild symbols are saved up to be given to you at the end of the free spins game where you are given a Future Spin and during this spin the Wild symbols re-appear and are kept in place as you make this possibly mega money paying spin!

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