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Bonus Features

Bonus Features are appearing more and more on video slot games and these can enhance your game play and more importantly boost your bankroll should you hit a good one! There are literally hundreds of different bonus features available and in this part of the website we shall highlight some of the more commonly found ones and give you an insight into what they can offer you by way of entertainment!

It is quite important for players to ensure they know how any bonus features work and operate, so if you are playing a bonus video slot game you have never tried before then always take a quick look at the pay table to see what you have to do once you trigger the bonus round.

One of the most commonly found bonus features is the Free Spins round and we have a separate section covering them all so make sure you also check that section out when you have a few minutes spare!

Pick 'Em Bonus Features

Bars and Stripes Slot The Bars and Stripes slot game that can be found in any of our featured Microgaming Casinos offers you the chance of triggering the bonus feature Pick 'Em type game when you spin in three or more of the bonus symbols.

One they spin in your are simply presented with a number of Top Hats on the screen and you simply have to click on any of them. The Hat will then reveal the cash prize you have instantly won. Most of the similar Pick 'Em type bonus games work on exactly the same principal you simply choose an item to reveal your winnings.

Click and Match Bonus Features

Hunky Heroes Another popular type of bonus feature is the click and match bonus games, as can be found in all of our Microgaming powered online casinos, opposite you can see a picture of their Sneaky Peak Hunky Heros slot bonus game.

Once you trigger this type of bonus game you have to click the grid pattern on the screen to reveal an item, simply match three items and you will win the corresponding cash amounts, keep your eyes on the screen for full payouts given for matching certain items.

Spin the wheel bonus features

Wheel of Wealth Some of the most popular bonus feature games involve the spinning wheel feature, if you have ever visited Las Vegas you will see row upon row of Wheel of Fortune machines which these slots are all based on.

Once you manage to spin in the required number of bonus symbols you will be shown a new screen, here you will see a large wheel with lots of different stops on it. You simply need to spin the wheel and where ever it lands is the amount of cash you will win, it is as simple as that!

Game specific bonus features

The Argyle Open A lot of video bonus games will have a feature that is somehow game specific in as much as the bonus feature will have some attachment to the theme of the slot machine, for example The Argyle Open is a golf themed slot machine.

So if will come as no surprise to learn that the bonus feature on this brand new slot machine from Microgaming comes with a golfing type bonus game, that will see you trying to putt a ball to win additional prizes