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Free Spin Slots

Free Spin Slots come in all shapes and sizes, so our free spin slot guide is here to help you through the often complicated methods of how these free spin games are triggered and what they can offer once you finally manage to trigger this often rewarding bonus feature.

A Free Spin Slot machine is one that offers you the chance to win any number of free spins often on a multiplier, this means you will win a certain amount of spins which are free of charge and won't cost you a penny and any win that appears during this round will be multiplied by a certain amount.

There are a huge number of Free Spin slot machines and below is another of our popular quick glance guides to help you get your head around the most popular type of Free Spin slot machines.

Standard Free Spin Slots

Tally Ho Slot The Tally Ho slot game will award you with a pre set number of free spins on a set multiplier once you spin in three or more of the Scatter symbols which, as long as they are in view and you have three of them will award the feature.

All of the free spins play out on a x4 multiplier, and this type of free spin feature is your common and garden type free spin bonus feature, you know how many free spins you are getting and on what multiplier they will all play out on.

Free Spin Slots With Random Multiplier

Avalon Slot The Avalon video slot game from Microgaming gives you the chance of winning free spins once you spin in three or more Scatter symbols, you are awarded with 12 free spins however these play out on a Random Multiplier which can rise and fall on each spin made.

Once each free spin has been completed the slot will award you with a Random Multiplier that can be worth up to x7, meaning any win that has spun in can be worth up to seven times its normal value.

Pick your free spins

Loaded The Loaded slot game which is another Microgaming slot game has a bonus feature that lets you choose how many free spins you are going to be awarded on a multiplier amount that is also chosen by yourself, so you need to choose carefully!

You first need to spin in three or more of the Scatter symbols and once you do you can then choose either 24 free spins on a x2 multiplier, 16 free spins on a x16 multiplier or you may prefer 12 free spins on a x4 multiplier.

Re-triggering free spins

Cabin Fever Some slot games will offer you the possibility of re-triggering the free spins featuring, this simply means that once you have been awarded the free spins game should another three of the scatter symbols appear (or whatever symbols triggered the free games) as the free spins play out you will be awarded with more free spins!

Some online slots are more prone to giving players lots of re-triggering free spins, one such slot game is the Cabin Fever slot .

Free Spins with special wild symbol

Mad Hatters The Mad Hatters gives players the option, once they have managed to trigger the free spins bonus round by spinning in, anywhere in view, the three scatter symbols, the chance to choose one symbol to become and additional wild symbol as the free spins play out.

This is known as a free spins round with a special wild, and the onus is on the player to choose which symbol they think will spin in more and therefore be best placed to become the extra wild symbol.