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CashaNova Slot Machine

The CashaNova slot machine is one of our featured New Slots and this one comes with 30, it is set around a farm yard and features a rather horny Cockerel who is after the affections of the Hen, all manner and fun and games will entail as you play its bonus games, will the Cockerel manage to woe the Hen, well dear reader that is up to you and you alone so go on play cupid and make that love happen!

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Where to play the CashaNova Slot

Did you know that all Microgaming Slots including this one the highest Slot Payouts of any online slot games?. Well they do and the place to play them is Nostalgia Casino who are part of one of the biggest groups on Microgaming casinos, find out more in our Nostalgia Casino Review. Reel Symbols on the CashaNova Slot

The CashaNova slot machine has Wild Symbols which are theRoger the Rooster symbols, plus you will also find the Key, Magazine and Egg symbols which are the Scatter Symbols, other reel symbols include a Pipe, Champagne and Cream symbols, watch for the animated graphics as you play the slot.

CashaNova Slot Stakes and Prizes

Stake levels on the CashaNova slot are as follows: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25 (This can be UK Pounds, Euros or Canadian Dollars depending on your home currency). The maximum base game jackpot is worth 15000 coins. Don't forget we have a full selection of top rated Microgaming Casinos which will let you play this slot for free or for real money, check them out as there are some great free bonuses currently on offer.

In money terms you can win, if you play this slot on just 0.01 per line a maximum payout of $150.00, however if you are playing maximum value coins per spin then a top prize jackpot of $3750.00 could be yours.

Bonus Features on the CashaNova Slot

As the CashaNova slot machine is a bonus video slot game it has Bonus Features, to be awarded them you first need to spin in on reels 3, 4 and 5 all at the same time, 3 or more of the Egg symbols and once you do you will be rewarded with a picking game to reveal the number of Free Spins awarded.

Get three of more of the Key symbols on reels one, two and three and you get to play in possibly a two stage picking game where you have to select items before a dog wakes up and then if you manage this you get to pick a gift for the Rooster to give to the Hen to reveal a prize!

CashaNova Slot Certified Random

The CashaNova slot game has been certified as fair and random, for more information and to see a range of payout percentage verification certificates on all casino game groupings for any of our showcased casinos simply visit any of the casinos websites listed in our Microgaming Casinos section.

Tips for playing the CashaNova Slot

1. This slot machine is linked to all others in the casino so if another player has recently won the jackpot then the slot won't be due another jackpot for a while.

2. The jackpot thermometer is there to help you work out which slot has hit recently and which hasn't.

3. If you are short of funds or haven't played this slot before then why not try it out in free play mode until you get the hang of it.