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Magic Multiplier Slot Machine

The Magic Multiplier slot machine is one of our featured New Slots and this one comes with 30 paylines this slot has a brand new looking theme that is built around a magician show, show if you fancy pulling rabbits out of top hats and the such like then this will be the slot for you. This slot also has an exciting bonus round that could see you walking away with a top hat stuffed full of cold hard cash, give it a go!

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Where to play the Magic Multiplier Slot

There are no better slots to play online that Microgaming Slots, players the world over swear by them thanks to their playability but just importantly their very high Slot Payouts. Should you wish to put this slot game to the test then our top rated site that is Golden Tiger Casino will welcome you on board with a very generous welcome bonus, the details of this and everything else they have to offer can be found in our up to date Golden Tiger Review.

Reel Symbols on the Magic Multiplier Slot

The Magic Multiplier slot machine has Wild Symbols which are the Magician symbols, however they only appear on reels two and four, plus you will also find the Spiral, Cups and Curtain symbols which are the Scatter Symbols, other reel symbols include a Ten, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace, watch for the animated graphics as you play the slot.

Magic Multiplier Slot Stakes and Prizes

Stake levels on the Magic Multiplier slot are as follows: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10 (This can be UK Pounds, Euros or Canadian Dollars depending on your home currency). The maximum base game jackpot is worth 10000 coins. Don't forget we have a full selection of top rated Microgaming Casinos which will let you play this slot for free or for real money, check them out as there are some great free bonuses currently on offer.

In money terms you can win, if you play this slot on just 0.01 per line a maximum payout of $100.00, however if you are playing maximum value coins per spin then a top prize jackpot of $100.00 could be yours.

Bonus Features on the Magic Multiplier Slot

As the Magic Multiplier slot machine is a bonus video slot game it has Bonus Features, to be awarded them you first need to spin in anywhere in view, 3 or more of the Curtain symbols and once you do you will be rewarded with a picking game where you have to open a curtain to win your prize.

Get three or more Cup symbols and you get to play the age old game of pick a cup, the onus is on you to pick the correct one to win the cash prize, so choose very wisely!

Magic Multiplier Slot Certified Random

The Magic Multiplier slot game has been certified as fair and random, for more information and to see a range of payout percentage verification certificates on all casino game groupings for any of our showcased casinos simply visit any of the casinos websites listed in our Microgaming Casinos section.

Tips for playing the Magic Multiplier Slot

1. Everyone loves to play slot games but don't rush in where fools fear to tread and make sure you know exactly how this slot works and operates before you start to play it.

2. If you click on the pay table icon on the slot screen you will find details of all of the slot machine payouts and pay backs.

3. The Play Check facility will let you fully review all of your action on this slot machine and let you work out your current payout percentages.