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New Slots By Month

The one thing you are certain of when you play online slot games is that each month you are going to get to play a range of brand new slot games. This is due to the major online casino software companies ensuring that players choosing their casino software are kept up to date with all the newest slot games and slot games features by them launching new and more exciting slot games to play.

Below you will find a listing of each month of the year and for more information on all the new slot games that have been released in any given month simply follow the links below to be presented with a complete listing of the new slots available to play, plus we will also showcase some leading online slot sites and online casinos where all those games can be played for free or for real money.

New Slots issued in January - The first month of the year always sees a brand new batch of hot new slot games being released and this year we have some brilliant new slots to present to you.

New slot games out in February - Often a cold and wintery month of the year in many countries this February sees many new slot games coming online to keep you amused and entertained

March New Slots - With this month being the start of the spring season in many parts of the world you are going to find plenty of new slots coming online that often are built around a spring like theme.

April New Slots - One of the wettest months of the year often known for the rainy down pours maybe it is best to stay indoors and give some of this months new slot games a try from the comfort of your own home.

May New Slots - With Summer around the corner what better time of year to put a few spins in at your favourite online casino or slot site, with plenty of new slots to choose from you could win a jackpot or two.

New Slot for June - Summer often begins in many parts of the globe around June time so if you are looking for a hot and sunny outlook then why not track down and play some of the hottest new slots to hit the web.

New Summer Slots for July - With summer now well and truly in full swing you are going to be spoilt with a range of brand new slot games, but maybe it is best to play them later in the day when you are not out getting a suntan!

Augusts New Slots - One of the hottest times of the year in many different countries you should rig up your wireless network and venture into the garden and play arrange of new slot games from the leading software providers.

New Slots launched in September - The summer is officially coming to an end at this time of year in many parts of the world, but don't worry you can stile get a ray of sunshine or two by playing a range of new slot games online.

New Slot games in October - With the weather often taking a turn for the worse at this time of year perhaps it is best that you wrap up warm and play some hot new slot games online to put a smile back on your face!

Novembers New Slots - It won't be long before Christmas comes around so let us hope that when you next play slots online you are given some winning spins to help you put a little extra aside for those Christmas present shopping trips, we have plenty of new loose slot games to present to you this month.

New Online Slots for December - With Christmas coming at the end of the month and this year finally coming to an end come and take a look at this months hottest new slot game releases and lets hope you hit the big one and make the year go out in style!

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