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Slot Payouts

The only way to get good value out of your gaming budget is to play slot games with the best payouts, but this is often easier said than done as a lot of online casinos along with their software companies are very hesitant in giving players the slot payout percentages. But there are a few hints and tips to enable you to track down only the very top paying slots and in this part of our website we will show you how!

The first thing you should be doing and this is very important, and that is only playing slots that have been designed, developed and supplied by the leading online casino software companies, the reason for this is that they have gone to great lengths to prove their games are fair and honest, unlike newer software companies or those you have never heard of who often set their payouts very low.

All of the software companies we feature on this site have had their random number generators independently checked by well known, and respected third parties and this eliminates any doubt you may have about the fairness of their casino games and slot machines.

Slot Payouts Reviewed

In fact the majority of online casinos are so confident that their games are beyond reproach in terms of fairness they submit the entire gaming logs for all games to these third party auditing companies who, at the end of each month, churn through these figures and report via a payout percentage certificate the exact payout percentages achieved by each casino game grouping, look out for these certificates which are displayed on each casinos' website.

Another handy feature at some online casinos such as Microgaming Casinos is that you have what is known as a Play Check facility, this allows you, in your own time, to go through and fully review any particular gaming session you had at any of their casinos.

By doing this you can work out your exact pay backs for each and every spin of the slot machine reels as well a reliving those big jackpot wins, look out for this feature when you next play online as it is a handy tool for you to ensure you are getting value for money and to also double check just how well your favourite slot machine is paying!

Slot Payout Tips

Another often overlooked feature of Microgaming powered online casinos is the jackpot thermometer, this hand little tool allows you to see how well any one slot machine is currently doing, and this is performed in real time! Keep your eyes out for this thermometer as it will give you some handy pointers on which slot machines are currently hitting and those will are cold, and should help guide you on which slot machines to play and those to avoid.

Some online casinos, namely Rival Casinos have the expected payout percentages for each slot machine available for viewing once you log into the casino and click on the slot games help files, once you check a few of them out you will discover exactly which ones return a healthy payout percentage and which ones offer a poor return!

Due to the low over heads of an online casino the usual payout percentages for slot machines are in the high nineties, unlike land based casinos which often have very poor returns which can be as low as 70%, so as you can see it does pay to play slot machines online.

How To Work out your slot payout percentages

We are often asked by slot machine players how can you check and work out your exact payout percentages when you have been playing online, many players ask for this information so they can badger an online casino for a few free chips if they have had a particularly bad session!

It is quite easy to work out your exact payout percentage for your slot sessions but you will have to keep track of a few things, so grab a pen and make a note of what we are about to tell you!

You first need to make a note of how many games you have played and at what stakes these games where played at, so for example if you have had 100 spins on a slot game (do not include any free spins in this figure only spins that have cost you money from your bank should be included) and you were playing for $1 a spin then your " cash in" figure is $100.

Next you need to keep track of how much you won during these 100 spins, (only include money that was credited to your credit bank and not any money that, for example you won but then lost on a double or nothing gamble, but DO include any winnings won from a winning gamble feature and any bonus feature) So if you won for example, $60 on normal spins, $15 on a winning gamble feature and let's say $12 on a free spins bonus round then your "cash out" figure is $60 + $15 + $12 = $87

Now all you need to do to work out your payout percentage for that session is to divide your "cash out" figure by your "cash in" figure, so in our example $87 divided by $100 = 0.87 now just use the figures after the decimal point in this case 87 and that is your payout percentage, 87%!

Occasionally you may have over 100% as your payout percentage, and you will get this if, once you have worked out the payout percentage the figure you end up with starts with anything other that a 0. for example if your cash out figure is 199 and your cash in figure is 44 then 199 divided by 44 is 452.52 so in this example your payout percentage is a huge 452.52%