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Scatter Symbols

The humble scatter symbol has come a long way over the past few years, they originally were devised simply to add an extra paying symbol onto video slot machines, without the need to line them up on a pay line. The beauty of scatter symbols is that they can pay in any position as shown on any particular slot machines pay table.

Then along came the Free Spin Slots and then the Scatter symbol was used to trigger these and also the Bonus Features that can be found on all of the newer video slot games. We have dedicated this section of the website to show you all the different types of uses the Scatter symbol can have and we will highlight a few slot machines were they are used.

Standard Scatter Symbols

The Carnaval Slot game is one of the original video slots from Microgaming and this was one of the first to feature the standard Scatter symbol, simply get three or more of them in view and you trigger a winning payout.

Unlike on the modern day video slots this scatter symbol does not trigger a bonus round or free spins simply get three of them in any position on this slot machine and you win x2 tour stake, get four of them anywhere in view and you win x10 your stake and should you get all five of them any where in view and you will win a payout worth x50 your stake.

Consecutive Scatter Symbols

Some Scatter symbols will either trigger a winning payout or a bonus feature but only if they are on consecutive reels, the pay table will alert you to which reel the first one has to be on along with any additional ones required to trigger the bonus round or payout.

The Cash a Nova bonus video slot is one such slot machine this will trigger a bonus game once you get the bonus scatter symbols on reels one two and three, and also a free spins round for getting the scatter on reels, 3, 4 and 5.

Left to Right Scatter Symbols

Some Scatter symbols will pay in any position but they must start from the right hand side and be consecutive, this type of Scatter symbol is known aptly as a Left to Right Scatter symbol.

So as long as you have three or more Scatter symbols beginning on the left hand side reel (reel one) followed by another Scatter symbol on reels two and three, then in the case of the Sneaky Peak Doctor Doctor slot game pictured them you will trigger the free spins bonus game.

First and Last Reel Scatters

Another Scatter symbol, but a rarer one is the first and last reel scatter symbol, there is no prizes for guessing that the scatters on this type of bonus video game have to appear on both the first and last reels both at the same time to trigger a bonus round.

In the case of the Bomber Girls slot machine from Microgaming you can trigger a special higher or Lower bonus game for getting a special Scatter symbol on both reels one and five at the same time.