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Wild Symbols

There are a few special symbols on slot machines and these include what are known as Wild Symbols, a Wild symbol will stand in for any other reel symbol on a slot machines pay table, however sometimes is will not stand in for Scatter Symbols or Bonus symbols, information on what a Wild symbol will and what a Wild symbol won't stand in for will clearly be mentioned on the respective slot machines' pay table.

Due to the Wild symbol standing in for other symbols this means it can help turn otherwise losing combinations into winning ones. So in the bigger scheme of things any slot machine that boasts Wild symbols is a worthwhile slot to play, more so if it is a multi line slot game.

There are several different types of Wild symbols that can be found on modern slot games, so below we have compiled a quick glance guide on what each of these different Wild symbols can do to enhance your game play and increase your chances of winning.

Standard Wild Symbol

Monkeys Money Slot The Monkeys Money Slot has a standard Wild symbol, this is the Monkey symbol and when it appears on the reels along with any other two matching symbols it will help to complete that winning combination.

It has a 3000 coin top prize jackpot on offer and is a low tech slot game and appeals to players looking for a quick to play non-complicated three reel slot machine. So if this sounds like something you wish to try then give the image opposite a click as you can play this slot for free directly from our website!

Wild Multiplier Symbol

Triple Magic Slot The Triple Magic Slot features what is known as a Wild Multiplier Symbol, what these do is not only stand in for other symbols but when you get them helping to complete a winning combination then they will multiply that win by a certain amount which can vary from machine to machine!

In the case of the Triple Magic slot then once you get a Wild in any winning combination that win will be tripled, and should you manage to get two of them in a winning combination then that win will be worth x9 its normal value!

Stacked Wild Symbol

Dolphin Coast The Dolphin Coast Slot boasts Stacked Wild symbols, these are a batch of wild symbols on each reel, that when they spin in, subject to how they land, it is possible for them to cover all spots on the reel, therefore resulting in every position, on that reel being wild one.

If all five reels have these Stacked Wild symbols, then it is possible, but very rare, that you could spin in a complete set of them on each reel and therefore hit a mega payout!

Expanding Wild Symbol

Mad Hatters The Mad Hatters has what is termed as an Expanding Wild Symbol, what one of these symbols does is when it appears on a reel it will expand and therefore cover every reel position on that particular reel, thus helping to hopefully complete plenty of winning combinations.

On the Mad Hatters slot game this very special Expanding Wild symbol only appears on reel number three, but when it does it bursts into life and covers all positions on that reel.

Random Wild Symbol

Jonny Specter The Jonny Specter slot game has a funky little Wandering Wild Symbol, this symbol is commonly referred too as a Random Wild Symbol and as the name suggest it can be appear anywhere, and when it does it can help turn otherwise losing combinations into winning ones.

In the case of the Jonny Specter slot machine this Random Wild Symbol is represented by a Ghost symbol that floats around the screen and where he eventually lands that spot become a Wild position.

Extra Wild Symbol

Dolphin Tail The Dolphin Tail slot game has what is known as an Extra Wild symbol, this is very similar to the Random Wild symbol above and this can appear anywhere, on this slot machine it can only appear during the free spins bonus game and will help complete winning combinations when it does appear.

Depending on the slot machines game rules which can be found usually on the pay table you will find out which reels it is active on, in the case of the Dolphin Tail slot it appears during free spins and can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.