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Top Game 3 Reel Slots

If you are looking for a new casino at which to play then why not visit a Top Game powered one, they are a brand new online casino software company and to show you what they offer below you will find a list of all their current 3 Reel slot games.

Bankroll This slot has a wild symbol and a jackpot worth some 6000 coins

Black Diamond - A no nonsense slot with a top prize of 6000 coins

Crazy Pizza - This is a one line slot with a jackpot worth 6000 coins

Fruit Slot - A basic slot with a wild symbol and a jackpot of some 6000 coins

Playing Top Game Slots

The thing you should have in the forefront of your mind when ever you play slot games online is that each slot in totally random, however they are all set by virtue of the reel symbol layout to pay back a certain amount of money. Online slots differ from land based slots in as much as these payout percentages are much higher than land based casinos can set their games at.

The reason why online slots payout more is that an online casino has much lower overheads than a land based casino and therefore can return to the player a much better pay back, and also due to the sheer number of casinos online savvy players look for slot games online that offer them the best value.

Top Game casinos know that players the world over want true value for money whenever they play slots online so not only are their slots very high paying, but they also give players some of the most generous bonuses found anywhere online.

So when you could very high payout percentages with massive bonuses you will benefit from extended game play sessions and also have a sporting chance of hitting a jackpot, which what playing slots online or offline really is all about.

If you are lucky enough to hit a big jackpot at a Top Game powered site then make sure you cash out the winnings straight away, as Top Game casino payout your winnings rapidly and this will allow you to treat yourself to something special in no time at all!

You game play history is available from many online casinos, so if you have been playing three reel slots and wish to see how well you have been doing on any particular session then simply consult the game history files and you can then relive your winning sessions or review bad streaks, not that you will want to do the latter!

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