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Vegas Technology Progressive Slots

Below you will find the range of Vegas Technologys Progressive slot games, along with what they have to offer, for more information on any of them simply follow the links and we will present to you a complete review of that slot game.

Grail Maiden - This slot has Wilds, Scatters, and you can win yourself Freespins.

Mega Money Mine - Is a basic no nonsense progressive slot.

Red White And Win - This Progressive slot has a wild symbol in play.

Win Place Or Show - Is a basic no nonsense progressive slot.

Treasure Trail - Is a basic no nonsense progressive slot.

Playing Progressive Slots

The majority of top rated online casino software companies now have what is known as an auto play setting, this allows you to programme the slot game to play itself! Simply choose how many games you wish to play and on what stake and then the slot will play itself, ideal for when you have other things to do or are playing through a casino bonus!

You game play history is available from many online casinos, so if you have been playing three reel slots and wish to see how well you have been doing on any particular session then simply consult the game history files and you can then relive your winning sessions or review bad streaks, not that you will want to do the latter!

If you have been having a bad run of luck when playing three reel slots then do not be afraid of asking the casino which you are playing at would they like to flip you a small bonus or comp, many casinos will be more than happy to do this as it shows they value your custom, and who knows it may change your luck for the better!

A common asked question when playing progressive slots is can you put into play any systems to help you win, well to be perfectly honest due to the nature of the slot games and with them being totally random the best way to play is to put into play a money management system, basically if you end up increasing your deposit amount by 50% or more then call it a day and stop playing whilst you are in profit.

Make sure you always check the pay table before playing any prgressive slot as you will often find that the jackpot payout is enhanced when you play with the maximum number of coins and/or lines, this ensure you always get the best possible pay backs when playing them, so always check before you start to play or you could miss out on a big pay day!

Stake levels are fully adjustable on most 3 reel slot games, but some progressive slots will have what are known as set coin values, meaning you can only play them on the coin values displayed on the slot.